Troubleshooting performance in SAP Analytics Cloud

Troubleshooting performance issues in SAP Analytics Cloud?

Have you noticed any issues with refreshing the website? Does the entire app slack off? Finding the root cause is a slow and laborious process. Follow the framework to troubleshoot performance issues in SAC:

  • Replicate the issue
  • Cut off the issue
  • Report the issue around your organization

Replicate the issue

Identify the same issue in another environment. Collaborate with other colleagues to get more information.

User account

Collaborate with other SAC users. Test the issue with three users.

Why should you do it?
– Domain policies and user account settings
– Location-specific complication. Validate the issue with colleagues on Site and in other offices


Reproduce the issue on another devices such as a notebook, a smartphone, a tablet.

Why should you do it?
– The capacity of the CPU and RAM differs from device to device.
– Various quality of the network connection
– Power Options in your machine. A poor performance in tables and grids affects you because of the wrong settings on Windows! Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > High Performance.
– Your client software requirements are fine with SAC technical prerequisites


Stay in the same network. Try out to clone the issue on another story.

Switch the network. Check if the issue repeats on the same device.

Have a look at the availability of your SAPCP

Why should you do it?
– Corporate or Internet bandwidth can be overloaded.
– Internet latency might be slow. These impacts live connection and logon time. Switch from wireless to Gigabit Ethernet. Test your connection with Internet speed test tools. Remember to choose the location of your SAC data center.
– Reverse proxy can slow down the network. Go to the public SAC URL to verify the performance of the sample stories. Hint: You use reverse proxy when you are connected live via Path to the on-premise system.
– VPN. Talk to your VPN admin when you see a difference in performance by connecting to the VPN and directly to the network.

Web browser

Analyze the behavior of SAC in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Why should you do it?
Distinct settings of the web browser impact the performance.
You can track the execution of the application in Google Chrome Developer Tools. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I > Network or go to Performance.

Are you going to pass SAP Analytics Cloud certificate?

Here is a list of sample questions that help you to get ready for the exam.

Cut off the issue

Remind when you have experienced the issue for the first time and what might be the reason for it. What have you altered? Proof your assumption by reproducing the bug.

What did you change?

When did you change it?

Reproduce the issue

Isolate the issue on the simple structure. Create one story on one data model and one data source. Then go through the list for performance best practices.


Educate the rest of your team about the encountered issue.

Knowledge sharing

Meet up with your colleagues to show them your workaround.


Document it in your knowledge base, so you and your colleagues will not reinvent the wheel.

What kind of performance issues do you face? Any issues with your project? Drop me a line. I am here to help.