6 steps to digital acceleration in your business

6 Steps to Digital Acceleration

Fast-changing conditions that require state-of-the-art IT tools to get your business to the next level.

I prepared an actionable plan to step into a digital acceleration in the today’s normal. Here is your digital acceleration how-to guide.


Set an enormous goal that stimulates your business growth.

Focus on one business area. What do you want to improve and why? I’m pretty sure you need data to measure your aim for your goal. How can you achieve faster and more digestible access to your data?

Call centre automation – customer services might go smoothly to improve customer satisfaction.
Chatbot – deliver Q&A in a convenient way.
Expense analytics – so many potential costs to optimise.

Remove pointless lags in your technology.

You do many repeatable steps daily that you could omit in your hassle. There are two ways to mitigate it:

  •  hire a virtual assistant
  •  automate change management processes

The second option is more cost-efficient and requires a good understanding of your business goals.

If you want a better position than other competitors, analyse your daily routine in front of the laptop. Trust me. There are lots of things you do unnecessarily. There’s still a place for improvement to delegate your routine to IT-driven tools.

There’s still hope to get rid of the hassle and focus on the right business steps. Check out IFTTT for automating daily tasks for free. Tableau and Google Data Studio are easy to use for data exploration and data analysis.

I continually update my Data-Driven Entrepreneur Cheat list. Stay tuned! It’ll be available soon!

Your IT toolbox must be resilient and efficient.


Adjust your funds and resources.

Switch to the most profitable channels that suit your lifestyle and your audience. Then you get a chance for the rapid ROI.

Do you know how to spot your best channels? Again, review your data.


Switch your mindset to the post-pandemic.

Reengineer your approach to innovations. Now everything goes digital in the blink of an eye. We all start at the same place right now. Pre-pandemic business initiatives are over. Think out of the box. There’s a new start point. Ready. Set. Go to design thinking!


Innovate your executive summary.

The entire world has entered e-Commerce harder than ever. You need new KPIs to make use of the data. You got new customers, new niches. Your sales funnel must be optimised to different personas to focus on the most loyal target customers. Data storytelling is the best way to consume your data.


Invest in strategic planning.

Consider all possible hypotheses for your business scenarios. Set it up for the future. IT tools make the process transparent, easy to digest and measurable. There’re enormously powerful possibilities behind machine learning that forecasts the most accurate outcome. You, as a business owner, see only the best recommendation from the system. Amazing, huh?

The steps might sound troublesome at first glance. But here I am! I use my magic stick to guide you around IT an easy way. Just set up a free call with me, and I recommend you the landscape of technologies.