Top 3 Mistakes in FP&A Data Viz to Stop Making Today

You’ve done your job right. You got insights.

Time to communicate it with your business partners.

Here’s your invisible enemy.

It’s hard to be the alpha & omega of finance interpretation, communication, (and even) data storytelling.

Not without any reason, unicorns are rare. 🦄

Here’re my hints for you!

Improving your data visualization skills by 20% gives you 80% more efficiency in communicating insights visually.

Take a minute to look at your reports and decks. Can you spot these issues?
1. Pie charts split by 3+ categories 🥧 📊
2. Red&Green colour coding for bad&good 🔴🟢
3. Decorative pictures on top of the page 🎨

These errors make noise in BI reporting & data presentation.

Here’s a receipt on how to mitigate them

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