About LabMP

LabMP data visualization® is a creative space for functional, accurate and business-oriented data visualization. The company develops solutions in Tableau and SAP Analytics Cloud.

LabMP represents a solo-entrepreneur that cooperates with dose of other limited companies. I help to visualize the data of companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500. The aim is precise and analytical data visualization. Moreover, I align it with business strategy. Making it look aesthetically pleasant is a side-effect.

Our expertise is FP&A reporting.

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About the founder

My name is Monika Piekarska. Data communication has been my great passion for the last couple of years. From 2018 I am an active data visualization consultant. I have worked with great people and mostly with Fortune 500 companies (Dell EMC, Pfizer, Merck, Zoetis). As a result, that gave me the opportunity to observe their reporting efficiency and the process of uncovering insights. Check out my contribution to Tableau partner blog in Poland. That is a reliable source of Business Intelligence and data science knowledge. I own Tableau Qualified Associate certificate.

Privately, I want to spread viable products not only in the IT area. Because of that, I am involved in personal health and 5G startups through which I aim to incorporate my ideas into long-term projects.

LabMP mission

LabMP believes more in visuals than comprehensive texts. Thanks to the data visualization we find missing dependencies between the unknowns and validate knowns.

After gathering lessons learned in corporations, it is easy to grasp that design thinking drives sustainable products. It is all about providing independent expertise to promote truthful and well-optimized data visualization applications. Consequently, LabMP aims to

  • contribute to user-friendly dashboard navigation,
  • convert numbers into insights,
  • educate more people about data graphicacy.