Let’s immerse in data-driven communication full of useful and creative visual forms. Your needs are my top-priority so I offer a high degree of customization.

I am looking forward to giving you feedback on your data visualizations. Increasing your knowledge of the subject will save up hours in your daily work or even boost the pace of your career.

Data Visualization for Finance

Take your financial analysis and finance controlling team to the journey of effective data presentation with a hint of clarity and pinch of sophistication. There are two kinds of workshops: either hands-on Tableau or technology-free training with sketching things on a piece of paper. Feel free to bring your own data that you would like to work on.

Defend your choices!

How many times have you you put way too much effort into convincing your customer of the best data visualization technique? Very often insufficient level of graphicacy and numeracy among the society limits data visualization designers and developers and stops them from transforming the numbers into insightful information. The ability to defend your recommendation allows you to build your personal reputation and reliability. 

Let’s fight together for UX in the name of effective charts and well-thought-out data-driven applications! Gain the know-how.

Do you need data visualization classes? You are in the right place. Tell me what you would like to learn.